I cannot believe that it is already November. My third anniversary will soon be here. In some ways the time has just flown by. In other ways, I feel like Mike and I have been through a lifetime of things together. I love my husband so much. I am so very grateful that God brought Mike into my life. Also, having Katy is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me since marriage. She is such fun! She is really starting to talk and communicate more. One week she was barely saying anything and the next week she is saying words and pointing to things. Yesterday she pointed to a picture of Winnie-the-Pooh and said “Pooh.” Then I was able to get her to say Rabbit and to hoot like Owl. She will also say “eye” while pointing to (or poking) my eye or her eye.

Things have been crazy around here. We are currently working on priming the walls of our new house. I think I have paint colors picked out, but it is hard when you are starting all from scratch. Well, it is for me anyway. I didn’t grow up constantly changing paint colors or decor. Thankfully I have a sister-in-law that is willing to help me out. Yay! Hopefully by this weekend we will work on sanding our floors. It is a daunting project considering that the only rooms in our 2200 sq. ft. house that don’t have wood floors are the kitchen, bathrooms and back entry. Yikes! Once those are done I’ll be happy. Then we can start packing things up and moving them. Yes, you’ve read correctly, I haven’t started packing yet. Call me crazy, but my theory is that if I start packing, Katy is going to try and unpack said boxes or add things to the boxes while I’m not looking. I don’t really have anywhere to store the boxes here at this house so I’m waiting until I’m ready to move them. Call me lazy, but I’m hoping that there won’t be too much that will actually have to go into boxes.

Hopefully, by the first of the year we will have renters in our current house. Please pray that the couple that is interested in renting from us will be able to quickly find good jobs here in the area. I know that God is in control of the situation and that we are trying to follow his leading. Even so, it is very easy to worry instead of casting all of my cares on Him.

Thank you Father for your guidance and provision. You are an awesome God!

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