Sleep Deprivation

I wonder what the long term, cumulative effects of sleep deprivation is?  After waking from a much needed nap I went to put a load of laundry into the dryer from the washer and started it up.  A while later (though it seemed like a shorter time than it should have been) the dryer was finished and I went to go get the laundry.  I noticed when I pulled the laundry out of the dryer that the load seemed small and when I opened the washer I realized that I hadn’t pulled all of the previous load out of the washer before adding the next load.  So, some of my clothes were washed twice. sad  At least it was the medium load mixed with the whites.

So, for any of you mommies out there…What are some of the things you’ve done in your sleep deprived state of existence???

Let me just say I appreciate all the women out there who are trying to be God-honoring wives and mothers.  It isn’t an easy task to balance being a wife and a mother sometimes.  Actually, it is overwhelming at times.  I can honestly say that I am beginning to understand why Christian mothers talk about crying out to God so much.  I love my little family, but I do feel the pull on my emotions and sanity. happy  Praise the Lord that I have a wonderful husband who loves me even when I am not as nice as I should be!

Katy is growing and achieving so many things right now.  Her cutest thing from the past two days is that she is sticking her tongue out more while she is playing or eating.  She is so adorable!  She is also moving around a lot more and grabbing everything.  It is amazing how much an almost 7 month old can do even though she isn’t crawling forward yet.  Another milestone from yesterday was that she actually rode inside the shopping cart seat while we were doing our errands.  Normally I leave her in her car seat or carry her or put her in my wrap, but I made a shopping cart seat cover and was able to use it yesterday.  She looked so grown up.  Yet again, mama’s lesson learned, Katy will try and grab whatever is on the shelf if it is in reach.  At least she didn’t pull anything off of the shelf and break it.  I love this age.


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2 Responses to Sleep Deprivation

  1. grace_to_be says:

    i remember putting the milk jug in the cabinet instead of fridge! 😉 and more things i can’t even remember now because i was so sleepy i forgot.. :)you’re right. mommying takes lots of flare prayers to the Lord for help~ katy is adorable. sounds like she’ll be crawling before you know it. yes. enjoy each little age! :){hug}

  2. My first baby didn’t sleep through the night until she was over a year old so I know sleep deprivation!  Fortunately, I’ve learned a little since then and my last baby (2.5 years old) slept through the night at just a couple of months.  Enjoy this age because it flies by.  Every time there is some trial so deal with it seems like it will last forever but it really goes by so quickly.  Katy is really precious!

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