A Long Week

This past week has been long and trying. I’m sure that mothers all over the world dread when their precious little babies get sick.  This is what I have had to deal with. As sickness goes, we were blessed that it was only a head cold. But my, did it sound bad! Katy started out with a cough that was quite mild. As a matter of fact, I thought that she was just fake coughing. She is at that age that she makes different sounds for the fun of it. Unfortunately the cough was real and it kept getting worse. Then she started sneezing more too. Now, I am not one that believes in running to the doctor for every little thing, but she sounded so bad that Mike and I were worried that the congestion was in her lungs. Thankfully it wasn’t. I now have a new appreciation for what my mother and all mothers go through when their babies are sick. Katy and I spent some very restless nights. The only way that she would sleep at night was if I was holding her somewhat upright in my arms. Finally, after a couple of nights, we got wise and propped her mattress up and that really helped her breathe better.

Babies are so amazing.  The whole time she was sick she was still trying to play and she would still smile. But then she would start to fuss because she was so miserable. It was heartbreaking. Now that I have the cold, I understand the tears and the cries. I have wanted to cry too. I felt miserable and I didn’t have the desire to smile at much of anything. Today has been better, though staying up late will probably make me feel miserable tomorrow. The only reason why I am up is because Mike was on a business trip yesterday and today. His flight just landed and he’ll be home soon. Yay! Having him home will make me feel better.

There is one blessing I wanted to share in this fairly random, not well thought out post. Yesterday, before Mike left, I was worrying because we couldn’t find his inhaler. He doesn’t typically need it, but I prefer that if he is flying that he take it with him. Well, I was starting to panic about the fact that he wasn’t going to have it with him so I prayed that God would just calm my heart about it. As Mike was taking things to the car I asked him if he had checked in the trunk and he said no, but he would. When he opened up the trunk he found his inhaler. Praise the Lord! My burden was immediately lifted. I’m sure that he didn’t need it, but my God cares enough about me and my fears that He showed us where the inhaler was at. I am so grateful!

So, now that Katy is better and I’m on the mend hopefully this coming week will return to normal.


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One Response to A Long Week

  1. citygirlyank says:

    Wow. Sounds like a terrible week! Glad everything is getting better. Get some rest!

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