Our Kitchen Update

Let me just start off saying, “I am so excited!”

You see…

Since moving in to our house, I have struggled with the lack of counter space in the kitchen.  There was just enough space to make it work, but not quite enough to make it work well.  There was a microwave sitting on some precious counter space so we decided that we would like to move the microwave to free up that space.  Right around Thanksgiving we found a great deal on a micro-hood and with great excitement, purchased it.  Then came the dilemma of finding cabinets that would somewhat match our current cabinets. The cabinets in our kitchen are original to the house and are not like anything you can purchase now. So, after looking at various stores and online we finally decided to purchase cabinets from IKEA.


A before picture.

P1060706.JPG P1060709.JPG

Our cabinets and micro-hood.

On Saturday, we decided to get started on our project. Mike already had the cabinets assembled, but we had to figure out where to hang them.  The way you put IKEA cabinets on the wall is very simple and really neat.  You hang a metal rail and slide a metal bar and bolt into the rail.  The cabinets then attach to the bolt.  Like I said, it is very easy. 

Since we were putting the microwave under the cabinets we had to install an electrical box and outlet for it.  That seemed like it was going to be the hardest and scariest part of the project.  Yet, it ended up going very smoothly.  We found a hole downstairs that had wires coming down from that wall and Mike was able to push the new wire up through that hole.  Then he took an unbent hanger and fished the wire up through the hole.

P1060712.JPG P1060713.JPG

Then, he reinstalled the box.  It was so neat to be able to take that wire and wire it to the outlet and then into the breaker box.  We were amazed just how easy it was and that we lived to tell about it. 🙂

Finally we installed the other cabinets and the micro-hood.  Finishing that project in a day made for an amazing sense of accomplishment.

P1060714.JPG P1060715.JPG P1060717.JPG P1060719.JPG

Every time I walk into the kitchen I am excited all over again.  It is wonderful to have the microwave there and to have more counter space on the other side of the kitchen. 

Yesterday we bought knobs to put onto the cabinets.  In an effort to match the knobs on the old cabinets we are going to have to paint the new ones.  I think it will look great once that is done.

So, hooray!  Our kitchen remodeling is done! 🙂

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4 Responses to Our Kitchen Update

  1. Mymom1 says:

    Very nice. . . I do remember those Belmont kitchens. . . we updated ours too. . . major project but well worth the finished results. Love the easy hang Ikea cabinets.

  2. julianna625 says:

    It looks great – good for you! 

  3. citygirlyank says:

    Looks great! So glad you like it and it went well.

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