Connie was so beautiful today!


Elliot and Connie are a beautiful couple.


The bridesmaids having fun.


It was an honor to be in the wedding. 

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  1. I really liked how the dresses coordinated… pretty.  Did you make yours?  

  2. @mrsbiddlebugs –  Yes, I did make mine.  I think Connie did an excellent job of coordinating everything.

  3. the wedding was just beautiful!!!! As was Connie!!! I LOVED the dresses and how they were all different! 

  4. @missions_on_mind –  And I enjoyed getting to talk with you for a little while afterwards.

  5. Hutch5 says:

    ohhhh… i really like the black and white! i’ve got to get to editing their pics… :/ 🙂 you looked really pretty too that day!

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