Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was very busy for me. I had to work 8 hours on Saturday. When I got home I was then blessed to have my family all there to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Though I was exhausted it was nice to have everyone there. Saturday evening, there was a laser show along with fireworks here in our community. Most of the family went out on the boat to watch it, but I stayed behind. I did get to see some videos of it. On Sunday, some long time friends came for a visit. Everyone had a blast out on the lake. We also had a huge bonfire…a little too huge for as dry as it has been. David had to do some fire control.

Below is a slide show of pictures from the weekend.

EDIT: I added a couple of pictures of my mother. She sprained her foot a couple of weeks ago, but it hasn’t stopped her from trying to enjoy the last bit of summer on the water.

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One Response to Labor Day Weekend

  1. Hutch5 says:

    hey i was thinking of you today… we should do lunch sometime. guess i’ll see ya at the wedding. =Dcute slide show! your niece is a doll!!!

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