An Update

Thank you for praying for my friend Lisa.  She did make to and from Guatemala safely.  I’ve not talked with her yet, but she told my mom that she really enjoyed herself.  If she shares any pictures with me or any stories I might pass them along.


Also ~

David is now an auxillary officer in a nearby town.  He isn’t paid, but it is a step toward getting a paying job.  Last week I got to see him for the first time in uniform.  It was a sobering feeling.  To see my little brother in a uniform, with a gun; the feeling is hard to describe.  I am very proud of him but there is a little twinge of worry too.  I’m not sure if it is okay to post the picture I have of him in uniform on here, but if he says it is okay I’ll share it with you all.

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4 Responses to An Update

  1. Hutch5 says:

    great to chat w/ you at the shower.. miss seeing you. i hate it when i feel like i’m just getting to know someone and then they up and LEAVE!! =D guess you’ll just have to come back!!and hey – based on our conversation – here’s YOUR comment.. where’s mine??? lol.

  2. Yes, I see… you didn’t want us leaving birthday comments for you… well, I can always do it here!  🙂  Hope you’re having a good day and I’ve been thinking about you.  Happy Birthday!

  3. @mrsbiddlebugs – I didn’t realize that I didn’t have comments enabled on my latest post.  That would explain why no one had said anything.

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