Today was a glorious day off.  After working a total of 6 days last week I was ready for some time to just relax.  On Tuesday morning my mom, Alyssa and I discovered that it was easy to kayak over to the beach and then get out of the kayak and walk barefoot in the sand.  We enjoyed it so much that we told Alyssa we would do it again, only that we would picnic there as well. 

Since today dawned bright and sunny we decided to make a special day.  We didn’t pack lunches because we didn’t have bread, but that didn’t stop us.  We packed up our kayaks with towels and other stuff and then headed off.  When we arrived at the beach there were only a few people there.  We pulled our kayaks up on the shore and then swam for awhile. 

For lunch, we at outside of the little cafe that is in the Lodge.  It was nice.  Then after lunch we sat at the beach and Alyssa played in the water.  As I was laying on my towel I fell asleep, so needless to say, my once very white legs are a little burned.

Overall, it was a nice relaxing day…something I needed.  When I relax I can see God’s little blessings.  Just being able to enjoy where I live is a blessing to me.  I am so glad that God looks at me through the lens of Christ and is continually growing me to be more like Him.  Now to be a willing vessel.

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  1. citygirlyank says:

    Sounds like fun! I wish I could go kayaking, but a. I have no kayak and b. I don’t think it’d be a good idea right now.     Oh- and I like your wallpaper on here.

  2. @citygirlyank – It may be a good way to strengthen your shoulder.

  3. Yes, the 20th…  🙂

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