Our Family Reunion on the 5th


On Saturday our family all gathered at my grandma’s house to celebrate the holiday.  It started out cloudy, but by afternoon it was clear and sunny.  It was warm and muggy, but there have been other years that the weather was worse.


It was a great day for the kids to play in the pool.  Alyssa was having fun playing with her cousins.

Alyssa & Natalia.jpg

Alyssa also made friends with Natalia.  Natalia is from Denmark and speaks English as a second language.  Her family was visiting with my aunt and uncle.  Have you ever noticed how kids don’t have to play very long together before they act like they’ve known each other their whole lives?


All of our families posed with my Grandma on her front porch.  This one shows Alyssa poking David. 


Every year my Grandma and her sister and two cousins go on a week long vacation together.  They dress alike and have lots of fun where ever they go.


My Aunt Judy and Lisa showing off their glow in the dark rub on tattoos. 


My cousins adopted this precious little boy from Russia recently.  Saturday was his first July 4th family reunion.  He seemed to really enjoy himself and we all think he is so adorable.

P1030368.JPG P1030442.JPG P1030522.JPG

And of course the evening ended with fireworks.

I am so grateful for my extended family.  When we all get together we have fun, which is definitely a blessing from God.  My only wish is that we all could have visited longer. 

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One Response to Our Family Reunion on the 5th

  1. Just love the matching outfits!  🙂  How cute!  😉

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