A Day Unplanned

This morning my grandma called and asked if my mom could join her in going to a class reunion.  Originally my grandmother’s best friend was supposed to accompany her, but her friend had to cancel.  So, instead of working on what we had originally planned my mom decided to join her.  It is a splendid day and I needed to do some shopping so I tagged along.  I didn’t go to the restaurant with them, but instead walked to Hallmark, Kroger, and then the lovely Fairfield library.  The day, though warm has been so beautiful, so instead of coming into the library right away I sat outside, under the arbor and read.  The arbor must be beautiful in the spring, for I was told that Wisteria is growing on the arches.  The shade was welcome while reading.  I also walked back to my car and grabbed my camera.  I just wish I had grabbed my camera cable because I could have posted my pictures now instead of waiting until I get home.  Finally, I did decide to come into this library, where it is much cooler, and get on the computer.  This is only the second time I’ve been in this library, but I really do like it.  The center of the library has very tall vaulted ceilings and the walls are painted in a buttery, creamy yellow.  There are a multitude of computers here, unlike the library where I work.  I was able to come in, sit down, punch in my library card number and start using the computer.  At my library we have to sign up people using a sheet of paper with the times listed and then we have to keep track of how long someone is on if someone else comes in to use the computer.  I wish we could find the money to install a system that would keep track of someone’s time for us. 

Over all, this day has been enjoyable, even if I was struggling with anxiety at first.  I have found that getting out and doing things by myself is good for me, even if I don’t enjoy it at first.  Maybe, if I continue to do things more often I will get over the anxiety.   That can be a goal anyway.  So, for I now I shall go.  I’ll post some of the pictures I took today later on tonight, unless of course I decide to walk over to my car and get my camera cable.  I think I may just go and read some more.


Here are some of the pictures that I took today…

This is the beautiful Fairfield Library.


Here is the arbor I was sitting under.


Me reading.


My book…It is Julie Andrews’ memoir titled Home.


Other shots of the “Green.”






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  1. jeemy says:

    thank you, and you are right. 

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