Spring is Here!

For me Spring is officially here when the daffodils come out.  Before we moved we took the time to dig up some of the daffodil bulbs from the farm.  I wish we could have gotten more, but I am grateful for the ones we have. 


They may not be the prettiest daffodils, but they are unique and I love them. 


The dew on the flowers was so pretty this morning.


My favorite little blue flowers.  At the farm we had a multitude. 

Unfortunately, not many made the move.


Yet another generation enjoying the flowers.


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6 Responses to Spring is Here!

  1. Those things have been trying to come up since December… 🙂  Those are pretty photos… 

  2. Hutch5 says:

    so pretty. love the 2nd one~ and the last is just way too cute. 🙂  

  3. citygirlyank says:

    Of course I’m coming to see you! My cousin is still getting married, LOL and I’m still going, so I’ll be around about a week.

  4. @citygirlyank – Oh, hooray!!!!  It would be sad if I had to wait a whole year to see you again.  Wait…did I even see you when you were here around Christmas?  I really can’t remember.  Got to love how anxiety can wipe away parts of your memory.  Oh…I did see you at church.

  5. citygirlyank says:

    @peaceatthelake – Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let an entire year go by without seeing you!

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