People Beware: Child with Camera

Today, I was playing around with my camera while Alyssa was playing a game on the computer.  It was so cute to watch how intent she was with her game.  I am always amazed by her gaming coordination…I’m sure that it will only improve.

P1010780 P1010781  

 After taking a few pictures Alyssa asked me, “Why do you always have to take pictures of me?”  She was very exasperated.  So, I asked her if she wanted to take any pictures with my camera.  In the past I have never been able to convince her to to use a camera so it kind of surprised me when she said yes.

I learned a lesson today.  It is a good thing that I let her use a digital camera and not a film camera.  A camera in a five year old’s hands produces a variety of “interesting” photographs.  She took a total of 106 pictures…I know, I can’t believe it either.  A good portion of them will probably be deleted or at least not shown outside of the family (for some of them captured the messiness of my room ) but some of them were actually decent pictures.

It was cute to see what she took pictures of…there were pictures of toys and of things that she has accomplished.  There were pictures of animals and family members. 

P1010785 P1010839 P1010823 P1010816 P1010794 P1010813 P1010855 P1010854 P1010847 P1010879 P1010888

My only concern now is how I am going to keep her from constantly begging to use my camera again.

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2 Responses to People Beware: Child with Camera

  1. Oh I can believe it! I had to program a loud screaming sound to play on my camera whenever it was turned on so that I could always know when one of my little brothers was playing with it.  but hey! everybody’s got to try it! who could not like photography??

  2. Hutch5 says:

    yeah, that’s the thing.. be careful what you say yes to- it’s hard to say no after that!! :0 missed you today. hope you’re doing okay. feeling better? staying out of trouble? 🙂 

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