It is so beautiful outside tonight.  As you walk outside you are met with crisp, clean air and a sky that is beautiful.  The moon, which is nearing fullness is brightening the starry sky.  On the ground is a clean layer of fresh snow that crunches underfoot.  In the stillness you can hear the steady movement of a nearby creek.  When I walk outside I am filled with lingering peace and joy.

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4 Responses to Beautiful

  1. FRESH SNOW!!!!  No fair…   (I must smile… though… your account is worded so perfectly it could be the opening paragraph of a novel…)  🙂  I envy you though… snowy evenings are perfect… if only we could have one…  my little boys have been praying so hard… 😦

  2. Hutch5 says:

    Tracey got her wish, eh?been thinking of you lately.. how’s everything going? you know if you need anything at all you can call~ we’ll sled ride there! love ya girl.

  3. @Hutch5 – More than anything I just need prayer.  My stomach has been leading a revolt and I’ve not been doing very well.  I’ve had my moments of peace.

  4. Sampson says:

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