Hello friends!

I finally have decided to update.  I think my sanity is gradually returning and life is becoming normal again now that the holidays are over.  It is amazing how busy and stressful a month can be.  Of course, I don’t see my self being much less busy as the year progresses, but instead of stressing about it I have to focus on one day at a time.

Last week was a rough week.  One of our dogs had been sick for a while because of heartworm and he died on Tuesday evening.  It is always sad to lose a dog when you’ve had them for a long time.  He was a beautiful dog…my mom is really grieving.  We weren’t sure how we were going to bury a 60 lb dog in the frozen ground so my mom asked at the office that handles things in our community.  She was told that the person in charge of maintenance has buried dogs for people before using his backhoe.  He picked the dog up and buried him for us for free.  That was such a blessing.  I know that my back was very grateful.   It is always neat to see how God provides.

Last week was also Alyssa’s birthday.  She turned five.  It was so cute to see how excited she was.  She had a really bad cold on her actual birthday, but that didn’t seem to diminish much of her enthusiasm.  On her birthday she told me, “I’m five now.  Everything is going to be different.”  She has been looking forward to being 5 for so long I think that she half expected to be all grown up.  It was such a weird feeling when I was remembering when I was 5.  I started Kindergarten a day or two before my 5th birthday.  It makes me feel old to think that she’ll be starting school in the fall.  

Alyssa had her birthday party on Sunday.  My family all got together and a couple of Alyssa’s friends came too.  I put some of the pictures from the party in my photoblog .  My sister made an amazing castle cake.  She is so talented.  My mom and I gave Alyssa a castle alarm clock.  You could tell that she liked it when she opened it.  I asked her if she knew what it was and she said, “Yeah!  It’s a time machine.”   That got a few laughs.  She was right…it was a machine that told time, but it was so cute how she said it.

I still love my job at the library, though there are days when I am weary of having a job.  I honestly don’t know how people can stand to work 40 or more hours in a week.  Half of that makes me tired.  I guess you just learn how to savor the small amount of time that you have at home.  Being able to stay home is something that is easy to take for granted.  But having a job that you love is a blessing.


Lisa and Alyssa

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  1. Can’t believe Alyssa is 5 already… I still remember the tiny girl you brought into SS wearing the little cute skirt you made her the night before… 🙂

  2. NYVogue says:

    I remember that too, Tracey! Wow, she has grown and so adorable, too! That cake is amazing, too! Yikes! I’m sure she really felt like the sweet princess she is!
    Miss you, too! Hope you are keeping warm and getting plenty of rest! Hope to get together soon!

  3. No joke! So is your niece Alyssa. She’s a cutie! I wonder what Adia will be like when she’s 5… I wonder what this next baby will be like when Adia’s 5! It’ll be interesting to look at ourselves and find out who we are 4 years from now… I like my family. Is it cold there? It’s sunny and nice here – a bit windy, but absolutely beautiful.

  4. Oh we will! We had a storm a little while ago and our back yard, which is under the flood zone, was turned into a swamp! The puddles were all soaked in and dried up within an hour though – Mark looked about :20 after I did, and very little was remaining. We’re apart of an organic vegetable co-op during the summer, so I’m grateful for the rain when we get it – better veggies! How’s that brother of yours, and your mom? David is married now, isn’t he?

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