The snow has been so beautiful here. I just wish it wasn’t going to be all melted by Christmas. On Tuesday Alyssa played out in the snow; she was making snow angels all over our deck. It was so cute. I videoed her while she was making one, but she thought that I was taking a picture. I love to hear what she says to me while the video is rolling. Alyssa and I both can’t wait until it snows again so we can go play.

Here is how Alyssa gets out of her snow angel. The finished product is so adorable.


Here are some other snow pictures.  I just got a new camera and I’ve been having fun taking pictures.

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  1. Snow?  You still have snow?  No fair… ours has been gone for days… 😦

  2. The snow here is pretty much gone this morning.  The warm air overnight finished melting the rest of it.

  3. NYVogue says:

    Love the page – and she is so cute!
    Hey – I had to stop by a client’s house before Christmas, and ran into this girl that knows David – she asked me if I knew a David Lane, but I was just thinking how would this girl know the same David I know – strange – anyway the girl’s name is Jen – I met her briefly once before – so that’s all I know, but she knows my client’s family – the Brians – neat family and good friends – having some tough times lately. Mrs. Brian is sick with Cancer, and it’s getting bad, been to visit her a few times… you could be praying for her… but I just wanted you to pass on a hi to David for me as well – oh, yeah, and she said he has a girlfriend named Lisa, but isn’t David married? Oh, well. Neat people… Just tell him “hi” if it was him..
    Miss you a lot – we should plan a time to get together after Christmas – I’ll be going up there again soon – or you could come here and we could go out…
    Call me sometime… Love ya!

  4. Hutch5 says:

    is that you & david in your profile pic? it’s too cute whoever it is! :)hope you had a great christmas ~

  5. So is “Scaredy Squirrel” your book recommendation?

  6. Hutch5 says:

    the new profile pic is funny! what’s the story?maybe we should write one, “scaredy heaven” after today!?

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