Fall – The Best Time of the Year

Fall is my favorite season.  I’ve always loved the leaves turning in shades of red and golden yellow.  To me, nothing is prettier than seeing a hillside covered with various colors of trees.  This year, because of the lack of rain, I thought that the fall colors wouldn’t be as brilliant; that the leaves would end up dry and brown.  How wonderful it was then to have a beautiful fall with the leaves staying on the trees even longer than usual. 

A new way of enjoying the fall colors the past couple of years is to be out on the lake when the sky is clear and blue and the colors of the trees are reflecting on the water.  In September my mom bought a kayak.  She wanted to be out on the lake without needing to take the big boat out.  Neither she nor I had ever kayaked before and I was rather unsure about the idea.  Most of you know how much I love water. (NOT!)  But, I will have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun kayaking was.  Soon, I bought a kayak of my own.  Then, we let my dad try out and he got one of his own too.  He was going out fishing in his kayak until it got too cold.  Alyssa has also enjoyed going out with us.

I never thought that I would have fun with a water sport, but I can now say that I think kayaking on the lake is great.  It is so peaceful.  To be able to paddle at your own speed, to feel the breeze in your face; just thinking about it makes me want to go out.  Unfortunately, it is too cold.  Though, that didn’t stop us from going out with winter coats on and gloves.  I’m sure people thought we were crazy.   The lake has now been lowered and there is no longer water in our part of the cove, which means I have to wait until spring to go back out on my kayak.   Until then I can enjoy the pictures that I am now sharing with you.

So long Fall!  So long kayaking (until Spring)!  Welcome Winter! (Can’t wait until we have a wonderful beautiful snow.)

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4 Responses to Fall – The Best Time of the Year

  1. taterbugg89 says:

    I too love fall! And how cool to have a lake near you!! I’ve never been kayaking; it looks like a lot of fun!!! pretty pics!

  2. IStand4given says:

    Beautiful pictures!  I love Fall, so I’ve been enjoying the New England colors this year (as opposed to Phoenix, which really doesn’t have much of Fall).  The kayaking looks like fun!

  3. NYVogue says:

    Gorgeous pics – Thank you for letting me share a part of that peaceful lake with you that gorgeous fall day already too long ago. I felt the amazing calmness, and carried it home with me that day – and couldn’t stop talking about it (poor David). I missed you last night – was hoping you’d come to the open house – and people asked about you – but I’m sure you had a good excuse – you just better make up for it in some quailty time together soon! Miss ya, friend!

  4. Love fall as well… and love the pictures… looks like nice therapy for stressful days.  🙂

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