Charge not thyself with the weight of a year,

Child of the Master, faithful and dear,

Choose not the cross for the coming week,

      For that is more than he bids thee seek.

Bend not thine arms for tomorrow’s load,

      Thou mayest leave that to thy gracious God,

Daily, only, he says to thee,

      “Take up thy cross and follow me.”


(From A Daily Rate by Grace Livingston Hill)


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  1. Hutch5 says:

    yes, i like that word DAILY when Jesus’ exhorted us to take up our cross – – that’s what it’s about. day by day looking to Him -Grace Livingston Hill is a name i haven’t heard in eons… i used to read all her books when i was teenager. i thought i was getting away w/ something b/cause they were considered “romance novel” – nowadays the novels pale in comparison, eh? thanks for this little encouraging word~ like it. 🙂

  2. Well in all honesty, you are the only reason why I haven’t closed my xanga account lol. I am just waaay to busy to update. I only use facebook now, and with that I don’t have to update. I just wait for people to leave me a comment, the I comment back haha.Yeah it was good to talk to you yesterday. I like keeping you updated with my life haha…or at least I try to.

  3. Well that makes me feel honored  I got my drivers license yesterday. I almost aced the test… I just turned into the slow lane instead of the fast lane at one stop. I already drove out to the Galvin’s place today =)

  4. Hutch5 says:

    yep, I do write out my post sometimes… i find when i open up the weblog thing i can suddenly feel pressure to write “well” and that I have to post what i write… i mean, you go to all the time & trouble, then if you don’t post it’s a waste of time – when i just write it down in a notebook there’s no pressure – i can post if i want. and of course, be more expressive – cause no on is going to see it, unless i choose for them to!!

  5. Hutch5 says:

    did i not see you today?? :)saw your mom.. she was very sweet. tell her what she said to me when we were talking w/ Daniel D. just made my day!! i told S it really blessed my <3.  have a great week.

  6. Damian says:

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