Can You Follow Every Rule in the Bible?

Have you ever read an article and thought, “Whoa!  This is crazy!”?  Everyday I like to browse MSN’s homepage for interesting articles.  I’m usually not disappointed, especially by the featured articles.  Well, this morning I read an article, found here, that was tagged, “Author spends a year following every rule in the Bible.”  Obviously, that piqued my interest.  First of all, we know that it is impossible for any human being to follow every rule in the Bible.  Secondly, which particular rules were they referring to?  Certainly saying all is a very broad term.  So, I eagerly clicked on the link.  What I found was a “Newsweek” article that had an interview with the author of the new book, “The Year of Living Biblically.”  This man, who claims to be a “reverent” atheist, tried to follow a list of 700 rules for a year; some of which involved growing out his hair and beard and even “stoning” and adulterer.  (I’m not sure, but I almost want to laugh over that incident; it was very ridiculous.)

While reading this article I was thinking how ridiculous this all sounds.  Yet, how often do I get caught up in following “all of the rules” and forget that Christianity is about relationship, not rules.  Clearly, this man, though trying to follow the rules of the Bible, seems to have missed on the most important part: Christ.  How sad it is that he doesn’t understand!  Obviously, I haven’t read his book, I don’t know him, maybe there is more to his understanding of God than I know; sometimes interviews only show you what the interviewer wants you to see and not the whole truth.  Yet, society as a whole has lost sight of who God really is and what He wants for us.  All in all this man seems to have learned some good moral things, but still seems very lost.  My heart goes out to him and the myriad of others like him.  Are we, as Christians being the light that we need to be in this dark and dying world?

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4 Responses to Can You Follow Every Rule in the Bible?

  1. Viz3 says:

    Yeah, I saw that. You could tell the bent he was putting on the interview by stating that it was easier in some ways to live like that, having very clearly defined rules. Now let’s have him forget the OT and try living like an NT saint… that would be quite the book.Hope you’re doing well with the library and all. Do you use gtalk ever?

  2. IStand4given says:

    That was an interesting read – I agree with the comment above, though, that it would have been even more interesting if the author had emphasized NT living more.  Thanks for posting the article and your thoughts!

  3. citygirlyank says:

    Very interesting. And almost humorous. Funny what people claim- and think- they can do. And since some Biblical laws contradict each other…that’d be interesting. LOL. Especially answering a fool according to his folly and NOT answering a fool according  to his folly at the same time.

  4. Hutch5 says:

    ha.ha to what kathleen said ~ yeah, that could get confusing and hilarious VERY fast! but such a good reminder here mandy ~ thanks for that. you always have such “pointed” truths that quickly bring the focus back to Christ. i like that…. reminds me too of a shirt i saw recently that said, “it’s against my relationship to have a religion!”  🙂

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