Musings of a Daily Sort…

Of growing up, losing touch and staying sane.


Today I had the pleasure of seeing a picture of a friend’s baby. But the baby is really no longer a baby; she is over a year old. The baby is surely a toddler. What seems even worse is that I have not seen said friend or toddler since the toddler was born.


It all has been a sad reminder to me how lives change as you grow up. The friends that you thought to never lose touch with have seemingly faded into the distance. They being engrossed with the things of their lives as we our own. Work, marriage, and relocation all play a part of losing touch. Can friendships survive so many difficulties? They can and must.


Even friends who never see each other can remain close; it just requires a little effort. The quick note, the beautiful card, the little phone chat can ease the pain of separation. For me, it requires a little more self-discipline and a little less indulgence. This, in turn, would help my sanity.  But that is another topic for another musing.

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One Response to Musings of a Daily Sort…

  1. Amanda goes sentimental on us! 🙂 I know what you mean though…

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