Saturday marked yet another new experience in my life.  The community in which we live hosts fireworks every year.  Normally we are out of town on the night that they take place, but this year we were able to experience them.  At 8:00 pm we went out on our boat and drove around the lake.  The water was very wavy, in some places the waves were very high.  Once, when David slowed down a wave came up and over the front of the boat.  Unfortunately, that is where Lisa, my friend Melissa and myself were sitting.  Lisa got very wet and I got a little wet.  I think that there was at least an inch of water that was sitting in the front of the boat after the wave came in.  I’m sure that three people never scrambled so fast to get away from the water.   After awhile we set anchor close (but not too close) to where they were going to set off the fireworks.  While waiting some of the family played games and talked.  Getting to see the sunset on the water seems to me the most awesome experience ever.  The beauty of God’s creation can be overwhelming.

Sunset on the Lake

Right before the fireworks started I saw an orange glow in the eastern sky and was wondering what it was.  Later, I realized that it was the moon coming up.  It was very beautiful too. 

The Moon

Then the fireworks started.  Seeing the fireworks reflected onto the water was the neatest part.  That and the echo that was produced by the sound reverberating through the coves.  Hearing the fireworks reminds me how great our country is.  In many other countries the loud booming would be the sound of bombs and gunfire.  Here they are a sound of celebration.  In some other countries the sound is one of terror.  The blessings that we have in this country must never be taken for granted.

P6300105.jpg P6300095.JPG P6300065.JPG


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5 Responses to Fireworks

  1. watching from a boat sounds fun… neat pictures. 🙂

  2. How neat.  I think the sunset might be prettier than the fireworks, though!

  3. that is amazing. God is very good. It is good to see that. 🙂

  4. Hutch5 says:

    don’t know how I missed this post ~ but very cool pictures. Like the fireworks one… anytime I try to take them they’re so blurry. you did good! 🙂

  5. zakfox1986 says:

    Someone needs to update!

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