An Update

Ellie is continuing to grow and is getting cuter by the day.  (If that is even possible.)  Yesterday we put up some sturdy fence panels so that Ellie and her mommy could be outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Here are a couple photos and a video of her.  The rest are in my photoblog and my video blog.

Raw00128.jpg P4250006.jpg

When Ellie was a couple days old she wasn’t able to hold her ears up all of the way.  She was a floppy-eared donkey, which is quite cute, but not a good thing.  Being as we didn’t want her to look like that for the rest of her life we put tape on her ears to make them stand up. 


As you can see, the tape worked.  We took it off yesterday and her ears are straight.

Here is Ellie enjoying her new found freedom.  For being so little she can run really fast. 

I think that the funniest thing that happened yesterday when we first let her out was that she was scared of some tall tufts of grass.  She couldn’t walk around them, but she didn’t want to walk through it either.  She kind of finally hopped through it.  It was very humorous, unfortunately I didn’t get a video of it.  

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5 Responses to An Update

  1. zakfox1986 says:

    Hahaha…cute video!

  2. citygirlyank says:

    I like her ears. They’re big. And I’d love to see her hopping through the grass. Too bad you didn’t get it on tape.

  3. taterbugg89 says:

    She is too cute!!! I never thought that a baby donkey could be so cute, but she is!!!    
    Thanks for the post at my site! Its my senior picture. My mom, who is somewhat of a computer geek scanned it and put it up there for me!

  4. thejbub says:

    lol….she reminds me of donkey on Shrek!!!!

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