Why is it that so many Christian conservatives are trying so hard to make a lost and sinful world adhere to the truth of God’s Word?  Especially when the Church itself can’t even agree on what the Bible says about certain things and Christians have as high of divorce rate as the world, etc.  Where should the line be drawn between staying out of politics and being politically active to the point of trying to make sinners behave like Christians?  America is a nation filled with many different faiths and those who don’t have faith in God or any other diety.  Wouldn’t the Christian’s time be better spent showing love to all people. (I’m not talking about telling people that it’s okay to sin.)  Shouldn’t the Christian be out preaching Christ and him crucified instead of boycotting secular companies that decide to support gays?  Shouldn’t Christians be working in Crisis Pregnancy Centers trying to help the girls who are going through possibly the most difficult time in their life instead of picketing abortion clinics?

I am not saying that Christians should have no part in politics.  I’m just saying that maybe we should rethink the whole issue.  Are we, as Christians reaching out to a lost and dying world, pointing them to Christ?  Do they see our love for one another?  Or are we judging the world harshly for something that they will be eternally punished for (as in sin)?  Are we trying to make them be morally upright when, without Christ transforming their lives, they can’t understand the ways of God?  Would God have us change our approach?

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  1. zakfox1986 says:

    Thought-provoking entry. Good entry.I think Christians should have a very active role in politics, but I also believe that Government should not legislate morality. In my opinion, government should protect people’s rights (yes, even their right to sin) from being violated by other people. More or less if an activity isn’t directly causing harm to society or another member in society, the government should not limit that activity. That’s my opinion.

  2. citygirlyank says:

    Yes. It is the government’s place to protect and maintain order. No more, no less.

  3. Hutch5 says:

    so true. sometimes I think all we want as Christians is for the world to ACT like ones… it would only make our lives less complicated, yes. but, if we truly desire to see them transformed from the inside out that will only happen when they see us practicing what we preach – or what we should be preaching! :)”the world will know you’re mine,” how? by your love one for another.good post.

  4. the8thNote says:

    Actually, preaching “Christ crucified” isn’t working in today’s culture. “Who is Christ?” “Why should I care?” Consider the evangelistic methods of Peter and Paul. Peter preached of Christ crucified to the Jews who already had an understanding of who God is and of the Law. But Paul preached to the Greeks, who had no prior knowledge or understanding of God, the Law, the prophets, or the promised Messiah. Paul started by building a foundation so that the Gospel would make sense.The problem today is that most Christians are trying to tell a “Greek” world about Jesus Christ. But the culture doesn’t know who He is or why we need a savior.It’s true that the solution isn’t from the political top down, but it’s from the personal foundation up.I’ll make a radical statement here: Christ is not the basis for morality. “Morality” was defined long before the incarnate Christ. But Christ was the example and fulfillment of morality. So just preaching “Christ” to people won’t change their morality.In this sense, I think that Living Water Ministries and Answers in Genesis are among the few modern ministries taking the right approach. Before someone can accept a savior, they have to know that they need to be saved. And before someone can accept the definitions of morality (as in the Bible), they have to accept the authority of the Law-Giver.end soapBox;

  5. Daniel,
    I think I understand what you are saying.  Are you saying that in order for some to understand Christ and biblical morality you have to start from the beginning, such as Creation and the Law?  Is that the foundation that you said Paul started building?  I do see that concept in the book of Acts and I agree with you.  Bringing someone to the Law if they believe there is a God or bringing someone to Creation if they need to understand there is a God is essential.  But I don’t agree that preaching Christ and him crucified isn’t working.  That is the essential part of the gospel.  Without the understanding of Christ, who he is and what he did by being crucified and then rising again people won’t believe.  Even Paul, while in Athens addressing the philosophers, started with Creation, but ended with Christ and his resurrection.  Some thought it was foolishness, but others believed, which is consistent with 1 Cor. 1:22-24.  So, I’m assuming that you meant that without starting with the basics such as the Law or Creation people can’t understand who Christ is and what he has accomplished through his death on the cross. 
    So at the end of this I think we agree, I just wanted to clarify something.  I guess my main concern was with the way you worded what you said.  It almost sounded as if people shouldn’t preach Christ and him crucified at all…which I am sure that you weren’t meaning that.  Thanks for your comment.

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