Snow, Beautiful Snow

Can you believe all of the snow we are getting?  It has been so beautiful.  Of course, I may not be quite as enthusiastic about it if we had gotten all of the ice this week.  Instead of getting the freezing rain on Tuesday it sleeted here all day.  So, because of the lack of ice it has been easier to deal with and the snow is deep.  On Thursday morning it was really foggy when I went to pick up Alyssa.  When I got back I went out and took some pictures on the trees.  The hoar frost was beautiful.  Here is my favorite picture of the day:


I placed a few others in my photoblog.  Isn’t the frost amazing?  It was formed by the dense fog.  For an explanation of hoar frost you can go to this link.

This morning it is snowing again and the trees and roads are all covered.  I’m going to enjoy the beauty of it while I can because it is supposed to start raining next week.

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3 Responses to Snow, Beautiful Snow

  1. Snow is so pretty… I agree… the ice made for some incredible looking trees in the sun though… It will be sad when it all melts… though the poor trees will probably be glad to drop all the weight… đŸ™‚

  2. thats a cool pic to I suppose my photography is getting better

  3. Hutch5 says:

    I’m glad you gave the link… I thought you forgot a few letters and meant ‘horror.’ :)very pretty pictures. personally I’m ready for all the hoar and horror snow and frost to be gone!have a great week ~ a.

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