Today was one of those days that didn’t go as planned.  It wasn’t a bad day; in fact I can see God’s hand in it all.  The day started out normal.  I woke up at 6:30 wishing that I didn’t have to get up and get ready.  At 6:42 I realized I had to get up or I wouldn’t be able to leave on time to pick up Alyssa.  On the way home after picking Alyssa up my mom’s cell phone rang; it was my brother-in-law.  His van’s alternator was having problems so he decided to have his van fixed before it decided to stop running altogether.  So, it was decided that after we ate breakfast we would go pick him up from the garage. 

Part of the plan for the day was to go grocery shopping.  We needed to get groceries sometime this week, but with the bad weather that is predicted we decided that we better shop today.  Since Mark needed our help we weren’t sure how we were going to work it all out.  We thought about taking him home or letting him borrow one of our cars, he even said that he would go shopping with us if he had to.  Not wanting to put him through the torture of shopping with us we decided to help him avoid that at all cost.  Finally, it was decided that he would stay at our house with Alyssa while we did our shopping.  It felt a little weird leaving them at our house, but it was nice to not have to get Alyssa in and out of the car seat during our multiple stops.

With Mark staying at our house I left my car (that is where the car seat was) here so he could go somewhere if he wanted to.  When mom was trying to get her car out of the garage, the door didn’t want to open correctly.  She finally got it to open all of the way, but we noticed that the trim around the garage door was buckled and that the track for the door was bent.  With the ground freezing it raised the concrete floor of our garage just enough to bend the brackets holding the door track.  We manually closed the door and then left.

The shopping went well…it was actually quicker than I thought it would be.  When we got home we made Alyssa take her nap, Mom and I ate lunch and then went out to work on the garage door.  I’m so glad that Mark was here to help us with the repair.  Mom and I could have done it, but Mark was a huge help.  We had to take the track off of the brackets, straighten the brackets out, and then saw off the track to make it fit.  It is now working like it is supposed to.

So, today was a reminder that whatever may come up in a day, God will be there, working all things for good.  Not that I will always think that it is good, but He knows exactly what I need before I can even ask for it.  It is especially wonderful when He gives us what we need even before we know of the need.  Sometimes, when I think about how quickly a day can change, the old fear tries to creep in.  That is when I am reminded to trust God.  He is faithful.  The things that He has promised, He will perform; and one of His promises is that He will never leave me or forsake me.  What a great and precious promise!  What an awesome God I serve!

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  1. zakfox1986 says:

    God *is* amazing! It’s wonderful to see how He is always there for us no matter what and to know that if all goes wrong, we can still cry out to Him and trust in the way He leads. There are times (though it’s obviously true *all* of the time whether I recognize it or not) that I just stop and think “How could you possibly go on without knowing that God would be there no matter what?”. Who would *want* to? It really makes a lot of since that suicide is chosen by those who come to the end of their ropes…and you have to wonder why even those who *seem* to have it “easy” continue. It just seems like a waste of time if you don’t look at it through the eyes of God. We are here to worship Him. Such an amazing task. *steps off of soap box*

  2. Good thoughts, Amanda.  And, hey, on one of the hs boards I frequent there was a whole discussion on “emo” on Sunday. I still don’t quite understand where hoodies fit into the equation, but I got a bit of a picture :).

  3. Hutch5 says:

    have had a lot of those “not as I planned” days… it’s hard to believe at times that grocery stores and garage doors are really in God’s best interest for us… but, like you said He works ALL things. Not just works them.. plans them… allows them to happen. And that is the thought that gives me such comfort on those kind of days – it’s all from the hand of my loving Heavenly Father. I just have to sit back and trust.Like I read recently – “Rest in Jesus. He never sleeps!” 🙂 good thoughts for the day ~take care. a.

  4. NYVogue says:

    Happy V-day! Miss you lots!!!

  5. Thanks, everyone was getting on me for not posting so that was the only thing that i could think of. lol

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