Tonight, as I was searching for something on the web I came across a sobering website.  The site’s purpose was to update friends and family on a young lady’s health condition.  After reading a litte of what was posted I surmised that she had cancer.  What she was going through sounded horrible.  She went home to be with the Lord last May.  What struck me the most was her obituary.  She was only 23 years old, but her testimony was awesome.  Here is part of her obituary: 

In her short but Gospel-rich twenty three years, Shelby brought hope and happiness to thousands through her mission work with her family throughout the world in regions as diverse as Mexico and South Africa. Shelby’s heart, however, always pointed to Haiti where she personally administered Christian schools, participated in discipleship evangelism, and managed significant food distribution efforts for the needy.

A ferociously loyal daughter and an eternally optimistic servant of the Cross, Shelby rests now in the bosom of her Savior. “Absent from the body, (she is) present with the Lord.”

When I think about what she had done in her short life, it makes me examine my own.  It doesn’t always make sense that God would allow someone who is doing much good for His Kingdom to die while others who do very little are allowed to live to a ripe old age.  I cannot question that, but it makes me think, am I doing all I can for Christ?  What am I doing with my life that will count for eternity?  Am I allowing God to use me?  My prayer is that God will show me what He would have for me to do and when He does that I won’t shy away from it because of fear.  God is really so good to us when you think about it.  He gives us the desire to do something and then gives us what we need to accomplish it. 

*Maybe some of you have heard of this young lady.  Doug Phillips of Vision Forum mentioned her in his blog.

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  1. I know of her… her sister married the brother of one of my friends. (if you follow that) Sad story, or at least it seems that way from our perspective… though I’m sure she probably thinks otherwise now…

  2. thejbub says:

    Just recently I’ve been thinking about that ….”What will I leave behind when I die?” “What will I have accomplished for Christ?”
    Thanks for the thoughts! (I like your header too!)
    Miss you! And love you TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hug*

  3. Thanks for the thoughts! I’ve been thinking about that a lot! Am I doing all I can for Christ here? Sometimes it’s easy for me to get discouraged here thinking all I’m doing is teaching English! I’m not aloud to talk about God. Or to really even share about Christian holidays. Sometimes we are given permission, but we also have to cover the worldly side of it too. And it’s so easy to think I’m not doing anything. Which is exactly what Satan wants me to think, because when the opportunity does come along I’ll be so busy thinking about what I’m not doing that I miss it. Thanks for the reminder to look for opportunities to be all I can for Christ everyday when I’m teaching and not!

  4. Hutch5 says:

    Sobering thought… my grandma used to say we should all live each day as if it were our last. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane things we forget the bigger purpose behind us being here…ETERNITY.  
    Anyway… good thoughts to ponder.Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well. Love to you. 🙂

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