It almost seems like a lifetime ago when I had to say goodbye to the place of my birth and hello to a new house.  I was not thrilled by the situation.  At first I was stubborn and not wanting to move away from friends, family, and church.  But, through it all God was and is continually changing my heart.  I am no longer upset that I had to move, but am grateful for God’s provision.  We have now been living in this house for a year.

For most of my life my father has not lived in our home.  But God, who loves to do the impossible has brought our family together.  Though the living arrangements may seem unusual, I know that God is gradually mending relationships.  There are two separate parts to the house, yet we do some things together.  I have no expectations of where the relationships will end up; it is more fun to watch God work.

By living here at the “lake house” I am living close to my sister.  My brother also doesn’t live very far way.  With my sister twelve years older than me and my father not living in our house for most of my life we never spent a lot of time together as a whole family.  But last year working together as a family to pack up and move our stuff off the farm drew our family close.  This year we have continued to spend a lot of time together.  I love and appreciate my family so much now.  It has been like we are making up for lost time.

Since moving to this house I have begun to heal physically and emotionally.  I’ve come from a state of nearly constant anxiety to a state of peace.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days, because I do.  It does meant that even my bad days aren’t very bad at all, in comparison.  God has and is continually proving himself faithful.

I am grateful for what God has brought me through in the past.  Even at the lowest point God was there holding me up.  I know that even the most difficult and trying situation will be worked for good in my life.  The trials, heartache, and pain that he has brought and is bringing me through can enable me to comfort others in the way I’ve been comforted.  God has been so good to me, though in my own self I have done nothing to deserve it.

So, as I begin the second year of living in this house I look forward to what God will do, how he will work.  I know that there will be both good and bad things that will happen, but I will trust that nothing is bad when God is in it.

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  1. I pray the Lord continues to draw your family closer together.

  2. Hutch5 says:

    That’s a sweet testimony Amanda… thanks for sharing.

  3. thejbub says:

    I miss you Mandy!!!!!!

  4. the2toe says:

    yeah, the cat was telling the duck to be “nice nice”(in Chinese a cute way of saying things is to say it twice)! Nice post. Are you still going to Bethel? Really hope we could have a CF!E reunion next year. 

  5. LSsnoopy says:

    hey Amanda !
    It is awesome to see the way God deals with His people!

  6. the2toe says:

    Thanks for the explanation :). How’s life in Ohio?

  7. Z_Beth says:

    I really like the pictues on the side of yur site! How do you do that? 🙂

  8. thejbub says:

    Yeah, the pictures on the side are cool! Where is that?
    Love you!!!!!

  9. NYVogue says:

    Miss you bunches! You should come over again soon! It’s been so busy here – I think I could find something for you to do while you are here, too, if you wanted some work. But mainly we just need to get together! Hope you are doing well!
    PS: agree with Elizabeth – how do you put those photos there?

  10. hey! how have you been? sorry about not commenting on your site Life is pretty busy right now…lame excuse, I know… so how’s life at your place?

  11. Thanks for sharing, Amanda.  God is pretty amazing and works in ways we could never imagine :)!

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