I would like to thank those of you who wished me a happy birthday.  I did have a nice birthday and I don’t really feel any older than I did before.   My brother and his girlfriend came over to help me celebrate and my sister gave me a rose plant.  The weather was great as well…what more could I ask for?

On Friday I was able to go to Christina’s house to celebrate my birthday with her.  We walked around all of the neat little shops in Lebanon, which is something I’ve always thought would be fun to do.  We even were able to see Thomas the Tank Engine, which was in town for the weekend.  Overall the day was wonderful, even if I was a little tired after doing that much walking.   I’ve placed some of my pictures of the day in my Xanga photo album.  http://photo.xanga.com/peaceatthelake  Most of the pictures are of Elise, Julianne, and Evelyn.  Christina has some of the other photos from the day on her site. 

This Sunday my sister and I will be celebrating our birthdays together.  This is because my mother will be leaving on another trip.  She and my grandmother will be driving first to Kansas to visit relatives and then on to Colorado to visit friends.  I’m sure they’ll have fun, but I’ll miss them.  I guess I’ll have to find things to do while my mom’s gone.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I did think of you on the actual day and even tried to leave you a comment, but we were out of town and I couldn’t get the connection to cooperate. 😦 But I hope you had a special day!

  2. the2toe says:

    You were in Lebanon!?!??!?! Cool. Yeah, my schedule and team is different from the last 2.5 years. Learning a lot. Phil.4:6,7 See ya!

  3. DivaStar4GOD says:

    god bless u
    love your site it rocks

  4. hey, I’ll be praying for you!

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