Hasn’t the warm, sunny weather been great?  Though, I could do without so much rain.  Our side yard is one soggy mess.  At least it isn’t a pond.   Now if we could continue to have warm days without humidity I might actually enjoy Spring.  Humidity and I don’t like each other.

Saturday was a work day around here.  Amazingly enough we got everything done that we planned even with a late start.  We are hoping to add a second garage onto our house so we had to take down an old TV antenna tower.  It came down much better than any of us expected.  Hopefully we can get the permits soon so we can have a new garage that has space for a workroom.  Moving from a farm that had a huge barn to a place that has a dinky, two car garage that barely holds two cars has been a challenge.

We also washed and waxed our new boat in preparation for taking it

out on the lake.  Lisa cleaned the whole interior of the boat.

The Sunday School class I’m in at church started something new yesterday.  We are going to be going through a book that teaches an inductive form of Bible Study.  I am so excited about it.  I’ve wanted to be in a class that we learned how to study the Bible for so long; it will be great.  I am so grateful for that class and all of the people in it.  (You all are so much fun!)

If you are stuck inside today I hope that you can still look out and see the beautiful blue sky and the blossoming trees.  Or even the little maple leaves that are tiny now, but grow bigger each day.  Happy Springtime!!

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  1. NYVogue says:

    Wow! Love the boat – that will sure be fun this summer! Glad you could get outside too!
    I also liked your offer on my page – I think after it warms up for planting, and I get some money for flowers, I’ll give you a call!

  2. NYVogue says:

    P.S. Love the pic, too!

  3. Viz3 says:

    Summertime… it’s basically in the 60s-70s up here. I enjoy it a lot… a little windy for my tastes. Gotta’ bug Dr. J about getting one of those books, too…

  4. bekaroo21 says:

    Cute pic! And SS has been good : )

  5. Anonymous says:

    S.S. ROCKS!!!!! and i wanna ride on the boat šŸ˜›

  6. thejbub says:

    I loooooove your picture! It’s beautiful!!! And the colors are pretty too! They remind me of Kori’s wedding colors! *happy sigh*

  7. thejbub says:

    Can I ride in the boat sometime?! Pretty please?!!!!!

  8. This weather is great, but with good sunny days that means the grass will start to grow, and that means more work for me Oh well, it can’t always be perfect for everyone.

  9. Hutch5 says:

    What lake do you take your boat out in? 

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