Studying God’s Word


            This modern day is the easiest yet to study God’s Word.  There are libraries full of books to help us study the Bible.  We don’t even have to know how to read Hebrew or Greek in order to understand what the author is saying.  Our computers have all the necessary resources available for in-depth study in an easy to use program or through the Internet.  This all gives a huge advantage over our ancestors; we can easily study the Bible.


            Given these tools one may assume we would always be studying and as a result we would be passionate Christians, living as Paul, saying “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:21)  For the more we are in the Word the more we understand who we are in Christ and Oh! What desire it gives to share the Gospel with others.  Why is it then that we aren’t passionate about what we believe in?  Why do we as Christians go through life not looking any different than the world?


            Living in modern day America it seems as though we should be strong Christians.  We live without much persecution; we can go to church whenever and wherever we want.  We can pray almost anywhere.  Why is it so hard to distinguish Christians then?  Their lives pattern the lives of the world.  They do the same activities and they dress the same way.


            It would seem, by looking at these externals, we have a problem.  With all of our convenience we have become lazy and impatient.  Why study the Bible and try to figure out its difficult meaning when we can read or listen to what someone else has to say about the subject?  We have complex questions, yet we don’t want to take the time to study God’s Word for the answers.  It is so much easier to just go and ask someone.


            So, is it wrong to ask others what certain Scriptures mean?  Should we never read commentaries or books?  The answer to those questions is no.  God uses people to teach people, but there is a danger as well.  The danger is that we read and listen about the Bible, but we never read the Bible.  Everything we believe is then based on man’s interpretation.  If we haven’t studied the Bible for ourselves how will we spot errors in what we are being taught?  Do we even care?


            Today’s Christian has become lukewarm.  We are comfortable where we are; we don’t need anything.  We are creating our own successes by following our own well laid out goals.  We despise anything that would disturb our Utopia.  I suppose there have always been Christians like this; it is not exclusive of our generation.  They are far from being Heros of Faith; they don’t deserve our emulation.  As a matter of fact, God says in Revelation 3 that He will spew them out of His mouth.  We have forgotten that we must suffer and sacrifice in this life.  Christ never promised that our lives would be pain free. Actually, we are told that there will be suffering and potentially painful death.


            Instead of constantly focusing on the externals (such things as food, clothing, money, and comfort) we are told to “Seek first the kingdom of God.”  That is truly vital.  We must spend time in the Word, not merely reading, but studying so we can understand what it says.  We have been given many tools that make it easy to study – let us use them!  How can we be passionate if we are unsure what or why we believe?  We need to be in God’s Word and see who we are in Christ.  When we see our position and are discovering God’s working we become passionate.  Nothing will be able to hold us back from sharing with others the glorious Gospel of Christ.

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2 Responses to Studying God’s Word

  1. CM_Bagem says:

    Thanks for sharing!  You’ve brought up some very good points!  It’s nice to hear you on a your “soapbox” now and then!

  2. Just thought I would say hi, and ask how you are doing

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