Guess what!?!  We are almost done with the chair.  We only have to staple the skirt on it.  It would have been finished today, but the staples we had weren’t long enough.  So, instead of finishing the chair I started on cushions that I am working on  for Christina.  The fabric is really neat.  Today I got out a child’s sewing machine that belonged to my sister when she was little.  Alyssa started sewing with it after I showed her how.  It was so cute.  Since it is so old, the motor in it wasn’t working very well.  Alyssa just turned the wheel instead of using the pedal.  Of course, even if she could have used the pedal I’m not sure where she would have sat that she could have reached it.   Maybe she’ll be an expert seamstress someday.

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  1. NYVogue says:

    She looks like a natural!!! Thanks again for helping me with my work load! You’re a gem!

  2. Viz3 says:

    She’s got that long hair now, and is starting to look like someone else I know…

  3. Hutch5 says:

    Nice profile pic…you all of a sudden grew up! 🙂  You look beautiful!

  4. Viz3 says:

    Thou hast been tagged by me! Go read my blog to find out what I mean…

  5. thejbub says:

    I love your profile picture Mandy! We should wear our dresses again sometime! : )

  6. Ralph says:

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