Wasn’t today the most absolutely gorgeous day???  I may love snow, and I might wish that we had some, but who can resist enjoying such warm sunshine and a bright blue sky?  I was able to sit outside on a swing and enjoy the fresh air for a while. 

The rest of the day was consumed with a major project.  My mom has had a rocker/recliner chair that has needed recovering since before I was born.  We’ve always wanted to do something about it, but have never made the time for it.  So, last night Mom and I went and picked out fabric and today we started dismantling the chair.  It certainly isn’t a project I would recommend for most people…I actually think we may have been crazy to undertake the task.   We pulled out staples, removed screws, and at one point my dad had his Dremel out.  There will be quite a few days worth of work on it, but I think it will great once it is done.  Here are a couple of pictures I took of the project.  I’ll post pictures of it when it is done.  Hopefully that won’t be too long.


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3 Responses to

  1. citygirlyank says:

    Man you’re right…it DOES look pitiful! I guess that’s what happens when its guts are all over everywhere!

  2. Viz3 says:

    I got to see the inside of your house! *leaps in pure estaticness*

  3. NYVogue says:

    the mess of furniture parts looks familiar! You go girl!

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