Hi everyone!  I am posting my Christmas letter.  (Yes, I know that it is late.)  This is the letter I sent to my friends that I never see.  Then again, I don’t think I saw very much of any of you during the summer.  At least my life is a little calmer now.

Here is the letter:

Merry Christmas!  I pray that during this busy season you are well and that God is real to you every day.  Every year, when I sit down to write this letter, I look over what I had written the previous year.  It is always amazing to me how a life can change so much.  Yet, through it all God has been right there guiding my way, giving me peace and joy.


            This year my mother and grandmother went to Florida in January, Arizona and California in March, and Pennsylvania in May.  They always have a great time traveling and I am glad that they have the opportunity.  People always ask me why I don’t go on the trips with them.  It is because I like being home.  This may sound sappy, but that is where my heart truly is.  I haven’t always been able to say that, but that is the place where God has brought me.


            Would you like to know what has taken up most of my year and changed my life forever?  (You might already know.)  Last year it was anxiety, and health problems.  I learned to trust God through it all.  This year it is that I have moved away from the place of my birth, my family’s farm.  In the beginning of April, it was decided that half of the farm would be sold to developers.  You see, my Dad’s mother had inherited the farm from her parents.  When she died her two sons (my dad and his brother) inherited equally divided shares.  The problem with that was my uncle wanted the half that had all of the buildings on it, which is where my parents were living.  My uncle got what he wanted, but let my parents and sister stay in the house that they had remodeled.  Around ten years ago my uncle passed away and his wife inherited the property.  Then, a few years ago she divided her land in half, giving a portion to each of her girls.  So, then in April, my two cousins decided to sell their property.  It was at that time going to be sold right away, but they decided they didn’t like that developer.  As it stands now, the final closing should be done sometime in November.


            After living somewhere for 26 years of your life (my whole life) you can imagine the pain that was caused by the news the farm was being sold.   The pain, initially, was nearly unbearable.  I didn’t want it sold, I didn’t want to leave; it all seemed unfair.  But God, who is rich in mercy, and gives grace, has given me forgiveness, peace, joy, and contentment.


            By the end of April we began moving things off the farm.  It was decided that my mom and I would move to Lakengren.  That is where my parents had bought a house a couple years ago and my dad was already living.  My life has been totally consumed with moving and watching my niece Alyssa.  It has taken all summer and part of the fall, but we are completely moved.  We officially moved in September 24th, but our last time for visiting the farm was November 6th.   It has been special for the family to all work together.  Through the months of moving God has brought my family closer together.  He is continually working, showing that miracles can still happen.  My parents have been separated for almost 23 years.  They are now living in the same house; Mom upstairs, Dad downstairs.  My prayer is that my dad will come to know God through all of this. 


Instead of moving everything at once, which would have been hard to do, we moved everything little by little.  Some things are getting stored at David’s house.  Most of the farm equipment went to my sister’s house.  She has 7 acres so she took our two donkeys and our chickens.  In the beginning of November our donkey had a baby.  It is a boy and he is black.  He is so cute. J


            In August, I did the registration for Summer Bible Camp.  I was able to be there without anxiety, which is a miracle.  I was too busy to help with my church’s VBS this year.


            In September, I was given one of the best gifts possible.  At the end of August David and two of his friends (Daniel and Josh) went to Canada for a week.  They started in Ely, Minnesota and canoed a great distance.  I was worried that David would get hurt out in the wilderness.  Also, for the past few years, he has been gone on my birthday, so I kept making sure that he was planning on being home.  He was fine out in the wilderness, but when they got back into civilization they were in a car accident.  David was really banged up by the air bag, but he was okay.  Daniel and Josh were just fine.  The car was totaled so they had no way of getting home from Ely.  Josh’s parents drove up there immediately to pick them up.  I was so worried about David when he called me from the hospital.  I wanted to see him right away, but it is a 14 hour trip one way, so I had to wait.  The accident happened on a Friday night and I didn’t get to see him until Sunday evening.  He and Daniel were dropped off at a friend’s wedding reception.  I don’t think I have ever been more excited to see my little brother!  The following day was my birthday.  It was a happy birthday indeed!


            Another new thing that happened in my life is that I got a “new” car.  It is a 1995 Toyota Camry.  My old car was not running for most of the year, so it was a blessing to get a different one.


            My life has been filled with many changes this year.  God has dealt so gently with me.  If the move had been more abrupt, I know that it would have been much harder emotionally.  I am content.  I am also looking forward to what He will continue to do and where He will lead.  I am so glad to be His child; I love Him.


May you experience His great love, mercy, and grace this coming year, and to know him more fully and completely.  To God Alone the Glory!



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  1. Viz3 says:

    You. Got. A. Xanga. I would’ve never thunk it. Looking forward to what He’s going to do in all of us this upcoming year…

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Yeah!  Now if I can get Hotbar off my computer so that it doesn’t garble my comments.

  4. java_mom says:

    Thanks for your letter. God sure is faithful! I look forward to see His amazing plans for your life unfold!!!

  5. thejbub says:

    Yay!!!!!!! You got one….. finally!!! I KNEW you would! Welcome to my world! lol

  6. Z_Beth says:


  7. bekaroo21 says:

    YAY! It’s about time… : )

  8. Zylki24 says:

    i’m sorry…I don’t read Christmas letter after the new year begins…..lol. 

  9. Jedidiah says:

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